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Whether you are a novice or have been playing online, it is always a puzzling experience to work out which casino site you can trust and which is truly worth your time and money. With record new casinos opening up in 2020 in the UK, it has been an overwhelming experience for some to understand and analyze which sites you can trust and suit your preferences.
We make sure that before giving out any information about casinos, we make them go through a rigorous process, which is managed by our team of experts to ensure they meet the strictest of criteria’s. We assess all of these platforms according to a list of factors, including:


While we have already talked about new casinos, there are other reasons to be explored as well. New casinos offer contemporary experiences and give a more immersive experience to online gamblers. Since, they are new, they have put a lot of thought into how they can be better as compared to traditional online casino websites. This diving into the unknown can be a bit of a daunting task for some, but that’s where Yubicasino comes in; we provide comprehensive and up to date analysis on new casinos for UK players to keep them apprised of new innovations and help them make informed selections without compromising on unique gaming experiences.

When it comes to new online casinos, they usually have the following things in common:

  • Great bonuses and promotions
  • Amazing welcome offers
  • User-friendly design
  • Deposit and withdrawal options
  • Great and exciting selection of games
  • VIP and loyalty programs
  • Modern look


The good thing about new casinos is that they make the latest in technology available to gamblers, as they demand and expect more of their online gambling experience. Gone are the old days and today gambling websites are more focused on providing newer technology and HD content, with features guaranteed to blow your mind!
The online casino market is getting competitive by the day and it is imperative that these new casinos do their research and offer something which is unique and different. The UK’s online casino is one such dynamic industry, where the need to stand out from the crowd has been a source of competitive advantage for these Casinos, as they are evolving rapidly, offering new games, better bonuses, and promotions. This has also led to more engaging and immersive websites for enhanced user experience.
Casinos are now focusing on providing diverse platforms that are entertaining, yet provide an immersive experience, becoming more exciting and engaging. An added advantage of this strategy is that casual players who are more interested in gameplay rather than winning or losing, get hooked. This along with welcome offers and progressive games offers for an experience like none other to both new and existing players.
Gamification provides a more fulfilling gambling experience to players, as expectations get high, casinos are seeing a shift in momentum as more and more players are seeking more features, which, if effectively applied can encourage players to stay on the current website and keep building their profile to unlock rewards. Interactive leaderboards and badges for in-play achievements, along with social integration, can allow for gamblers to share their experiences and achievements, while also be able to play in groups.
While still in its infancy of being adopted in the casino online platform, VR-based technology is something which is increasingly gaining momentum, with simulations aimed at placing players on a digital casino platform for an immersive, yet realistic experience. Many casinos have already adopted 3D graphics for their gameplay online.
Yubicasino looks for innovative new online casinos that can make your gambling experience more pleasurable, fun and unique. Our criteria for selecting and updating our list of casinos for 2020 involves careful and meticulous selection of expectations, which we follow to ensure that you get the best information possible. With this being said, we base our information on what we expect for UK casinos to provide in 2020 and how they can be better at providing the ultimate in gaming and gambling experience.


  • Legal and Licensed

    This goes without saying that new casinos should be holding a valid UK gambling commission license, as it gives you safety and protects you legally as a player.

  • More Live Games

    On average, top new casinos usually work with over 40 different casino software providers. This results in a large variety of games suited for every individual taste and interests. Live games offer real-life experiences on gaming sites and allow for gamblers to deal like they would in a physical casino. While there are sites that offer these experiences, they are less in number and we expect that in 2020, new casinos will enhance this concept and add more games to provide such experiences.

  • Virtual Reality to Make an Impact

    While VR has already proven to drive positive results in the smartphone and smart viewing devices, the revolution is also being adopted by new Casino sites. While this immersive technology is still in the initial stages as far as casino websites are concerned, this could prove to be vital in providing players the opportunity to play in their home, while getting an immersive and real-life experience of a physical casino.

  • Usage of Cryptocurrencies

    While Bitcoins, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies is all set to make a major statement year after year, in 2020 we expect this and other cryptocurrencies to drive the multi-billion dollar casino industry Adopting cryptocurrencies in online gambling would make it more adaptive and will allow for easy rewards and payments, with streamlined access for gamblers.

  • No Deposit Bonus

    What will make new casinos different from the existing ones is the provision of amazing casino bonuses. These include no deposit bonuses, which means that new players are rewarded bonus points or credits just for signing up on their gambling website. This will allow for free spins for a limited number of times or a particular amount of money which users can utilize on the website to get a feel for it.


Yubicasino is a great place to find new casinos in the UK. We help in filtering down the most relevant ones that fit the needs of our readers and visitors. Our experts scour the internet to bring in relevant, up-to-date and error-free information about new casinos. Their experience in the filed allows them to analyze all benefits based on a wide selection of criteria, few of which include licenses, customer support options, bonuses and promotions, game selection, user reviews, payment options and details, website design, and user-friendly approach, etc.
This process of selection and gathering relevant information is a daunting task and at Yubicasino, we do this so that you don’t have to. We take our time in reaching conclusions and only reach a definitive review once we are sure about the new website. We also try out the services before letting our readers know what they are getting themselves into and experience first-hand how well the online platform meets our requirements and guidelines. We provide you with variety and always strive to choose the best for you!
To ensure your safety, Yubicasino provides transparent and detailed information on our findings of new casino websites in 2020, so that you can save time and get the information you need under one roof. Just click on the links provided and read full in-depth reviews of these websites.



With more and more users preferring to play casino games online and on their mobile devices, many new websites are constantly popping up, all promising to offer brand new features and guaranteeing the best of the best in user experience and winnings. While some do live up to their promises, many lack thereof and that’s where we come in and provide you an in-depth and unbiased look into how these websites are either good or bad. We ensure complete discretion to our viewers and provide accurate findings. We don’t sugarcoat reviews, neither do we add salt to them to make them look bad.
All this taken into perspective, Yubicasino meticulously tests out and reviews each website before we put information out for the public. The first and foremost thing we check is the usability of the website on various platforms since most of the users prefer to have flexibility on where they want to access these websites. Our lengthy review process ensures that they provide the best, easy to use and user-friendly websites to be viewed by you. Our team of experts make every possible effort to leave no stone unturned when critiquing these websites.
We have a very straightforward process to review new UK online casinos. This is done by first scanning the market for new and upcoming casinos, through online forums, websites, and even expos. We then sign up for these new casinos and test them vigorously, after which if they are found to meet our standards and we feel that the users will like them, we go ahead and write comprehensive reviews by adding transparent opinions and recommendations based on our expert’s findings. After all, this is done, we then resort to negotiating with the website to offer better deals for our players and offer them something extra.


When reviewing the list of new casinos that we provide, it is imperative that we let you know about each and every casino in detail so that you don’t go in blind when choosing the best online UK casino for yourself. At Yubicasino, we help you compare other websites and the games, bonuses, and promotions they offer. By doing this, you can easily choose between what suits you best and what doesn’t. Some important guidelines to consider when choosing online casino includes:

  • The type of license they hold.
  • Is the welcome bonus fair and what are the wagering requirements attached to that bonus.
  • Payment methods. Whether it is easy for you to deposit and take cash out
  • Does it have fully functional customer support, with easy access to live agents, chat, email support and a working toll-free number?
  • Is the online platform offering premium games from well-known vendors like Netent, IGT, Play N Go, etc?


While the most important feature to look for is always security and trustworthiness, with new websites, this is being ensured by them boasting secure SSL encryptions and their adherence to stringent regulations by the UKGC. With a large number of online casinos taking over the traditional websites, it has thus increased competition considerably and is offering quality platforms, with welcome bonuses as incentives for players to join their websites.



The main advantage of using newer casino platforms is the fact that they provide much immersive user experience, with better graphics, more game options, and user-friendly navigation. Even though, the fact remains that new websites can also pose a threat and make you be unsure of its safety and reliability. That’s where Yubicasino comes in and helps you get rid of any and all misconceptions and security concerns.
Newer casino websites also offer state-of-the-art technology and also includes newer payment options for cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. These offer loyalty programs and gamification features like mission progress, and the ability to connect via social media.
Old platforms, though going strong and have learned over the years on what users need, by constantly adding tweaks into their system, but still, they remain outdated and sometimes also face outages and downtimes. Another reason for preferring newer platforms is that these new websites are also part of those old established brands, as it is easier to launch new websites rather than upgrade old ones.



With the influx of smartphones during the recent few years, more and more technologies are becoming accessible on mobile devices. With enhanced and tailored user-experiences, it has become a vital part for companies to have adopted mobile technology for their websites and online platforms.
Mobile technology has made it easier for users to get quick and easy entertainment on the go. This means a growing demand for mobile gameplay. Thus, it is of utmost importance that these websites plan their platforms to be mobile-friendly and offer similar experiences as they do on computer browsers.
Casinos should also consider offering promotions to download their apps on mobile. This can help them to send them customized notifications whenever needed.
At Yubicasino, we understand this importance and have focused on providing information to evaluate a casino’s mobile capability and if it reaches up to our standards and expectations. We ensure that these online casinos are easily playable on various platforms, including Android and iOS.


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